Torn between everything

So, since 2009, I’ve been in and out of college. I started at UST, took up Advertising Arts. I loved it so much. Unfortunately, accidents happened and I’m not capable of continuing there anymore. Then, UPOU. Boring. And then last year, I enrolled at MC, fell in love with my friends, although I didn’t like my course. I didn’t want to leave. I never did. I seriously thought I was gonna stay there until I graduate. But due to more tragic and unfortunate events, I had to stoop down, and study somewhere else.

I had only one choice before April came. That was to study Fine Arts again, at TUP Manila. Tuition fee was surprisingly cheap at Php3,500 (not more surprising than PUP’s Php500 tho), and I thought it would be so much help to my mom. I had so many reasons to study there, mainly, the expenses. If I went there, mom’s expenses would lessen by about 40%. Not so much, but for a family like ours, it is. Next, I really want Fine Arts as my course. As in REALLY. And since Fine Arts is really expensive here in the RP, I wanted this one so bad. Lastly, its right in front of Mico’s school. Since Klaud came, I became somewhat paranoid about him flirting around and such. Well, you couldn’t blame me. I’ve had experiences with things like that and I’m never letting them happen again. I wanted to stay there for people to know that, yes, he is taken, and yes, his girlfriend is hot. Hahahahahaha I kid.

Anyway, I took the entrance test there, and within the month that I’ve been waiting for the results, I had doubts. Doubts that I might not be able to make it, that I might not be able to get through the stress of everything. That was when I consulted my mom. She told me that if I think I couldn’t make it there, there are plenty other schools to choose from, but I wouldn’t be taking the course I want anymore. I said yes, because I thought of it too. At my age, I’m supposed to be in my senior year this coming June already. But no, I’m still a freshman.

We agreed on me, taking Psychology or HRM somewhere near our place. The nearest didn’t have the courses I’m choosing from, but some school had. Our Lady of Fatima University. Honestly a mediocre school, but its just one 5-10 minute jeep ride away from home. Plus, I’ve got friends from everywhere there, some very close, some, just right. Oh, and I’m going there with my bestfriend’s girlfriend too. Hihi.

Back to my dilemma. Now, I’m torn between the two courses. I don’t know what to take, and in a few days, its already May. I can’t say whatever, because I can’t afford to screw up anymore. This is my last shot at everything. I have to do things right.

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