Urges & Cravings

Ever had the urge or craved to do something? I have. Always. And tonight I’m urging to write, even if I don’t know what to write about. Hahahaha.

So let’s think.. What to write about…

Ahh! I was on the phone with my friend from high school a while ago. Bianca. She’s really fun. And I just found out that she’s going to transfer to where I’m gonna study. And I like iiiiit!! I have a new friend to be with! Unfortunately, I’m torn again between the courses, ’cause she’s gonna take HRM and Cille’s prolly gonna take Psych. Whatever. On Friday, she’ll be with us! Nyehehe. More people to spend time with in the near future! God, I’m so excited for June!!! \:D/

(Sorry if its so random. Hahahaha.)

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