Bestfriend’s birthday ;)

Okay, so generally, I’m a sneaky person. I love surprising people, whether it be by prank or by making ’em smile.

Tomorrow’s my bestfriend’s birthday! I shall make kwento about her in a while. Anyway, she’s turning 21, and I haven’t seen her since March. I really want to give her something, but I’m fucking broke. So, nothing to buy. Then I thought, I’m a pretty creative person, and she’s a softy. I had an idea =)) I asked all of our common friends to send me a video, voicenote, or just a message for her, and I’m compiling them all in an AVP, which I’ll be uploading on Facebook soon. Hihi.

I’m actually freaking out now, because my computer’s not really functioning properly. It keeps on freezing and crashing and I’m in a very deep state of panic now. Hahahahaha. That’s also why I’m blogging via my BlackBerry only. Because the computer is stupid at the moment.

Oh well, back to the AVP 😉

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