Ending April

365 Blog Project: Random post day 2

So, today’s the 30th of April. Never thought of spending it in an unusual way, or in an extraordinary way, so I spent most of today here at home. Nothing special, nothing new.

Earlier today, around 10am, Klaud woke me up because he was hungry. So I went out with him, and decided to sleep in the living room instead. After about 30 minutes, Lola and Tito left. Mom was still in the office (since her shift’s from 2am-10am), and I was left here with Yanna, Klaud, and Manang Emma, our laundry woman. A very annoying person calling woke me up for good. I swear it was fucking annoying. The woman called about 2-3 times before I got enough strength to get up and answer it. Turns out, she was an agent of some kind, looking for my grandmother. Since she wasn’t home, I told her to call back tomorrow. Well, enough about that. After the call, I wasn’t able to sleep anymore because it was already hot as hell. And by that, I mean HOT AS HELL. People in the RP know I’m not exaggerating. Hahaha. Then I took a bath and did whatever I could do.

Mico came around 2pm, and we decided to dye his hair… AGAIN. This is already our second try. More on that in another post. Hahaha. Anywayyy, he bought dye, and we started as soon as Klaud got tired and fell asleep.

He taught me how to play Bluff, ’cause we were waiting for the dye to stick to his hair. He left it on for 2 hours, but still didn’t make a difference. Hahahaha. Poor thing. We bought chips & soda, and stayed out for about 3 hours total (applying the dye to rinsing it off). 

Most of the time, we do nothing together, but neither of us get bored. Hahahah. We have fun doing the simplest of things. These little things are what keeps me holding on. The fact that I still find happiness, well, I guess that’s enough. I don’t need enormous reasons to hold on, I just need a few, and I guess we’re good. Although it hurts at times, knowing we’ve grown into different people from who we were before we had each other, I know I’m strong, and I know I can keep what we have. All I need is for him to never let go, like I promise to.

Well, I guess all I’m saying is.. I love him. More than anyone could ever imagine.



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