Holy mother of… Heat!

Holy mother of... Heat!


Omg this is just so… Ugh. Can’t even explain myself. It’s so freaking hot. I can’t take more of this. If I stay an hour more in this temperature, I swear to God I’m gonna get sick already. Temp’s like what? 34-35? This is just unacceptable.

Anyway, today, I woke up because my sister went out. She went to my cousin’s party in Valle Verde. I didn’t go, because I’m mad at my dad. (More on that in another post) He’s just so.. I don’t even know how to explain him anymore.

Upon waking up, I felt like somehow I was inside an oven. ‘Twas fucking hot, I tell you. No a/c’s so… Yeah. SUFFERRRR. I wanna go on vacation. I srsly do. But Klaud’s birthday is coming up, so I don’t think I’d be spending money for vacations for a while.

Well, good thing is, I read tweets a while ago saying its already raining in some areas in the Metro. So, I’m kinda hoping we’re next in line. If not…. Klaud & I will be off to the mall, to cool down, and kill time. Oh, I just wish mom would give me money.


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