Mrs. Batman

Since I was younger, I’ve had this love for Batman that’s just too hard to explain. I mean, of all the famous superheroes in the world, I also ask myself why Batman. He doesn’t have superpowers and stuff. But then again, maybe that’s why. He’s not mutated or anything. He’s just a plain old human being. A hot one too. Hahahahaha!


Since 2009, I’ve been collecting Batman shirts. This one was bought last December, at Eastwood. Costed about Php 150 only. Never used it. And since I see lots of people wearing this exact same shirt, and the last thing I’d want is to be like everybody else. And because I’m in deep misery right at this moment, I took a pair of scissors and cut off the sleeves. I think it looks good on me. I’m planning on wearing it tomorrow. I’ll be meeting some of my friends tomorrow for enrollment. (Yes, excited, I know) We don’t wanna wait longer since we’ve all been bums some time in our lives. Hahahaha! 

Okay, back to my Batman obsession. Hahaha! I’ve three Batman ballers, a Batman lanyard, three Batman shirts, and even a classic Batman action figure, which I left with my dad when we left him. I told him Batman could watch over him, because he’s awesome. Hahaha. I was 10 years old then, okay. 

I’m actually considering to start a collection of Batman stuff. Hihi. I’ll post here when I’ve made my mind up already. For now, I gotta go. Mom’s home. Gaaah


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