Its been a while

Hellooooo. Its been a while since I last posted. I got so stressed from Angel’s AVP & the break up & all that shit. I didn’t put that here tho. Hihi.

Well, 5 days ago, to be exact, I broke up with him. Why? For tons of reasons. I can’t mention them here, ’cause then you’d be too lazy to read. Hahaha. Anyway, three days have gone by, and there wasn’t any change. As in none at all. Then I thought, maybe its not meant to be after all. But here’s what I’ve proven from that incident. No matter how many reasons I have to fight & break up with him, my love for him will always, always be more powerful. Maybe that’s what’s keeping us together through all these years. The love, the patience, the endurance, the strength.

I’ve been so suicidal these past few days, and believe me, I thought I was really going crazy. I’ve been asking myself, ‘How could that one person that brings you happiness put you through so much pain?’ So much, I think sometimes, its too much. I don’t really get answers for my questions. Specially ones like this. Well, who knows if we’re really supposed to get answers. Maybe these things are supposed to be left unanswered, or if not, to be found out on your own.

People have been telling me to stop, but I don’t listen. I still say no, I’m not giving up. Not yet. I know there’s still hope. I know there’s still something better within us, than what’s happening now. After all we’ve been through since 2008? This can’t be the end of it.

I just hope things work the way they should be now. Not like before, where I keep on giving and don’t receive anything in return. I mean, with all that I’m giving, I do deserve something back, yknow.

Well, all I’m saying is, I just don’t want to get hurt anymore. I’m too tired and still too broken from everything else.

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