A con view on Transgenders.

I did this for a friend’s debate speech. They were required to give their side regarding the acceptance of transgenders in the society. Everything is my own, nothing copied from anywhere. 

Transgenders or sexually altered people should not be recognized by the society for many reasons. Topping all those is religion. 70-80% of Filipinos belong to the Christian-Catholic group, meaning they respect our creator more than anything and anyone in the world. Deciding to undergo special surgeries regarding their sexuality is a big form of disrespect to our God. He made you what you are, and as His child, you should accept that whole heartedly. Also, sex change is like altering what He has planned for us all. Just like in anything you do, it all has a domino effect. One’s decision would affect another, and so on. Just like the very famous saying “Everything happens for a reason”, you were born a man or a woman for a purpose. Having that changed is like messing with God’s plans for you, and the people around you. He did everything for a reason, and we’re all in no position to mess that up.

Moreover, transgenders mostly provoke discrimination rather than stopping it. One’s usual mindset on having these kinds of surgeries are most likely for society to be able to accept them more for who they really are. But the question is, are they sure that that’s what they really are? I’m afraid not. Most people turn gay/lesbian/bi at some point in their lives. But in the end, its just not what they really are. Yes, these members of the third gender are more prone to criticism than those straight. But what they don’t know is that undergoing surgeries to change permanently will have them attract more critics. For example, a lesbian would want to get sex change to legally become a man. Before that, she’s been getting teased and disgraced all around already. After the surgery and being a transgender, she only made herself more vulnerable to those who discriminate her. Men could pick on her and gang up on her and not get into any trouble because they could say that they’re all men, and that there wasn’t abuse. Therefore, she’d get more criticism than usual.

Another reason is the side effects. These surgeries have more than one side effect, and very few of those are minor. Yes, sex change would bring happiness to a person really desperate for it. But what they don’t know is that its good just for now, just at the moment. After a few years or so, these effects would come out and damage a person inside and out. Getting this kind of surgery would only mean harm to oneself. And when the time comes wherein the harmful side effects kick in, sometimes its already too late.

All in all, I say transgenders should not be accepted not because I discriminate them as well, but its also for their own good. One would want this at the very moment, but are they sure that this will make them happy for the rest of their lives? This is an example of why we should always think more than once before we decide on something. Its better safe than sorry. Besides, is it really what you want that matters?

(c) Lopez 2012.

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