So, last Friday (05-04-2012), I enrolled myself as a freshman in Our Lady of Fatima University already. I know. So not me. Anyway, I got my schedule, got my ID photo taken (I just don’t think I’d look that good, well, I’m planning to get a new one by 2nd sem tho), and now, all I’m missing are my uniforms. Those have to be made to order, from the school itself or from dressmakers outside of school. Image

Here’s my sched! 🙂 Hihi. Not so nice 😦 I don’t like whole days at school anymore. I get tired so easily, plus, nobody’s here to take care of Klaud. I’d be there from 7:30 – 4:30 EVERYDAYYYYY. Sucks to be me. Hahahahaha. But I have 2 days off so, that’s kinda good too. Hahaha.

I’m very excited for June! Specially now, that I know I’m going to school, and I’m ecstatic to try this course out. Hahahaha. Who knows, I might be for Culinary & Hotel service after all. HAHAHAHAHA NOT.

ANYWAY. By next week, I’mma get my uniforms made already, and buy all the necessary stuff. Meaning, school bag, shoes, undies… Lol. And hosiery, if ever. Since the skirt’s kinda short, I’m considering to use stockings. My legs aren’t that nice, I admit. Hahaha. This is also what I look forward to every June. THE SHOPPING!! I mean, Idk about other people, but I’m just a sucker for school supplies. Hahahaha. I buy paper all the time, and I have about 8-10 unused notebooks here at home. I just love to buy them. Hahahaha. I never write on ’em tho. Whenever I write, I make it like a journal and stuff, but never continue. Plus, I only write on cheap ones! Hahahaha! I don’t write on the pretty and expensive notebooks/notepads I have. Haha. I think this obsession is genetic. My mom has the same obsession herself. She buys notebooks from the smallest ones to the biggest ones. The only difference we have is, she writes on them, and actually fills the whole thing up! Unlike me, I never do. I’ve this terrible obsession for colored pens as well. Hahaha. I just like writing in different colors. It makes my notes better to understand. It’s true! A friend once told me, that research has proven that multi-colored notes are easier to comprehend and less confusing than those monochrome. Hahaha. And I, myself, could agree to that, based on experience.

Oh, yeah. The university also gave me a 10% discount on the tuition fee! I’m an entrance scholar! =)) Hahaha! Of all people, right? Anyway, I’m waiting for my friend to enroll as well. Hmm. Not Bianca. I enrolled the same day as her. Hihi. She’s just waiting for her sched to come out now. Since she went there as a transferee, she had to wait, because the school prioritized freshmen. I told her not to anymore, to just come in as a freshie, like me! But she said her dad didn’t agree with it, so… She did not.

I’m just really excited to go to school again. I’ve been bumming around for more or less 3 months now. I don’t like this one bit.


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