Downloading Apps

Hmm. So I’m using the most basic BlackBerry ever, the BlackBerry Curve 8520. This one I’m using now is just new, I bought it just this April. It’s been very awesome to me so far, compared to my old one. That one was such a pain in the ass… Literally.

Anyway, I’m downloading more Apps ’cause I’m bored. But of course, I’m only downloading the free ones. Hehehe. I’ve many apps installed already, but I Googled some more, and the top free app list showed that they already have Viber for BlackBerry. I’ve been dying to have this app since it was released for iPhone & Android. I want to be able to reach my friends who are Apple & Android supporters for so long. Well, I have WhatsApp & Hookt, but Viber is different. It’s like Skype, but more convenient to use.

While typing this post, I’m waiting for Zayn (my BlackBerry) to reboot. This is what I hate most about BlackBerry phones. They take sooooo long to start up after downloading and when the battery’s drained.

Oh, it’s done! I’m excited to check the new apps!! 🙂


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