Mom’s day + Macaroni’s 2nd Birthday pre-celebration

This has been the busiest weekend of 2012 so far. Hahahaha! From Friday, we’ve all been cramming on the get together here at home. It’s for mother’s day and also Klaud’s celebration.

May 13, 2012

The house was completely busy from morning to afternoon. I woke up around 11-ish, and found all my grandmothers cooking and preparing the house for it. Guests weren’t so many, we invited only some relatives and a few friends of my mom. There were tons of awesome tasting food by my Lola Diona. She cooks really well. Every time we handle get-togethers, she’s always in charge of the food. We buy some outside, but mostly, she does everything. And in my 19 years of existence, I’ve never tasted anything awful when she cooks.

Anyway, the party went well. We all had fun, specially the birthday boy. Hahaha. He got gifts, played with kids (which he doesn’t normally do, since there aren’t any kids his age bracket around anymore), and had fun smiling and screaming out of excitement.


Here’s the birthday cake from Red Ribbon. Hahahaha. This one failed. Seriously. We were supposed to get Klaud a Toy Story themed cake, since he loves Toy Story big time. But when we were about to order one for May 13, they said they don’t take orders for Sunday anymore. They only got ones dated for May 14. I was deeply disappointed, because I knew how much Macaroni loved Woody & Buzz, and the cake we were getting was really nice. We ended up getting this overpriced (but delicious) cake from Red Ribbon instead. We settled for this one, since he also loved cars… And it’s the only one that could be made by May 13. The cars are real toys, btw. Hahahaha!Ā 


Aaaand, here’s the birthday boy, blinded by the flash. Hahahahahaha! We bought him a racing themed shirt to match his cake. Hihihi. And Tito Jay also bought him new shoes. They somehow look like dunks, but in a way, more like real basketball shoes. He loves it.


Okay, so here are the people I spent time with šŸ˜€ L-R Mico, Raphael, Bianca, Bench, Me

They’re my mom’s cousins, but almost same as my age. Hihi. We barely talk to each other before Facebook and all this social networking shit. Hahaha. We used to see each other only when there were big family reunions and stuff. But now, we talk like we’re tighter than ever. And I actually want to spend time with them more. I had so much fun playing and drinking with them. Hihi. Who would’ve thought, right. The last time I saw ’em, none of us were drinking yet. But now, we even dare each other to see who can drink more than who. I never ever imagined I’d get to drink with my cousins. Even from my father’s side. (They’re all goodie-goodies.) Hahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, now, we’ll be preparing for Klaud’s other party at Mico’s house. Now this one involves everyone else related to Klaud. Hahaha. All the ninongs & ninangs, the titos and titas. Everyone!! I’m so excited!!! šŸ˜€


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