Busier weekend!

When I said last week was the busiest weekend I’ve ever had, I was wrong. This weekend was the busiest. We had Klaud’s second party at Mico’s then the following day, our relatives came over. Hahahaha.

The party wasn’t really a children’s party tho. More like a barkada get together. Well, we weren’t complete, but it was super fun.

Here are some of the awesome photos we have. HAHAHA!


The crew. Hahahaha! I was surprised by those who showed up, really. I wasn’t expecting everyone to come, but they did 😀


My boys sleeping…. HAHAHAHAHA. They’re so cute together, I swear 😦 🙂 =))


Hmm. Our best photo that night. Although I look super wasted. HAHA.

Anyway, I thought the celebration was gonna fail. Just before the guests arrived, rain poured fucking hard. And because of that, power was cut. Lights were off for about an hour and a half. It was super hot, and we all felt really sticky. Good thing power went back right away. Everyone had fun 🙂

Thanks to everyone that came! You made us three so happy :>


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