Fasdfghjkl Friday.

Friday night. I’m at home. Dying of boredom. Come onnnnn. Why does it have to be like this. Hahahah.

I’ve been home all day. ALL DAY. Never went out. Why? Mom told me not to. Worst thing in the world. Whenever I stay home, I catch up on sleep. But when they see me sleeping, all they say is, “Ang tamad tamad mo! Palagi kang tulog!” I mean, what? Can’t a person get tired? And besides, school starts in about 2 1/2 weeks. I’m not gonna get sleep often anymore. Is that too hard to understand? -_-

They complain too much about not being able to spend time with Klaud because he’s always with me. When I sleep and he’s up, they get annoyed. Seriously?! I’ve got nowhere to go. I’m standing on numbers. This is stupid.

I really hate staying home. For more reasons one could imagine. Topping my list of reasons is the temp. Our house isn’t that big, but its good enough to accommodate all 6 of us. Sometimes, 7, when Mico comes over. Anyway, our home is very nice (as far as I know), and not too crowded. But damn, when the sun’s up, don’t even think of staying indoors. Its like living inside an oven, very hot. Specially now, summer here in the RP’s just about to end. I even think the sun’s staying longer. This week, there aren’t too much storms anymore, unlike the past few days that went by.

I’m just so glad June’s about to start, and so will my classes, and so will the rainy season. I don’t like Klaud suffering all this heat-_-

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