End of Summer countdown

Yes, you read it right. I actually am counting down to the end of Summer. I’ve always been enthusiastic about school, yknow. Hahaha. No, seriously. School always excites me. But as the semester goes by, I don’t know what happens. All I know is by the end of a sem, I’m too lazy to go to school already. Hahaha.

So, today, I attended a frosh orientation at the school. I went with my friend, Bianca. The orientation was pretty boring, and they didn’t start on time. The flyer thing and the text said it’s gonna last from 8-10am only. We started around 8:30am and ended near 12nn already. Talk about Filipino time, right. Hahahaha. Anyway, I got my ID today. I was a bit surprised tho. The person in charge when I enrolled said, we’ll get our IDs when classes start. Well, they announced in the orientation that we could already get ours.


Here’s my ID. Hahahaha. BS HRM.  Still hurts whenever I read it =)) I look weird in my ID-_- When the shot was taken, the girl showed me two and made me choose. I chose this one, and believe me, I looked incredible in the camera. I got so surprised with the way I looked here. With the super red lips and white skin. I feel like Edward Cullen once again. I guess the one in charge with the editing was very psyched with using Photoshop that he/she did everything to make my photo look nice. One weird thought tho. Everyone who saw it kept on saying I look good in the photo. Ohwell. People have different points of views. HAHA.


OH! And I also got my uniforms today. Hahaha. So, here’s how I’d be looking for the next couple of months. (In higher levels, we get new uniforms. This one’s for freshmen.) I actually like the fit of this on me. Hahaha. Although my sister keeps on teasing me. She keeps on saying I look like a bank teller. Hahahaha.


I missed Macaroni today 😦 Hahaha. I’ve been gone the whole morning. He didn’t even get his bath til I got home at around 2pm today. Hahahaha. Poor kid. Well, he just threw his toys everywhere. I gotta go pick them up.

I’m so excited for the opening of classes! (for the uniforms.) Hihi 🙂


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