Happy Birthday, Marjorie!

We went to my cousin a.k.a. my aunt’s birthday party today. Why do I call them cousins? Well, they’re just about as old as I am, and it’s very awkward to call them Tito & Tita. Specially when Marjorie, just turned 7. Hahahaha. They’re my mom’s cousins.

I like spending time with them. They’re so fun :> And earlier today, we have planned on them sleeping over at my house on Thursday. Hahaha! Just a little ending to our summer. We decided to do that because on Thursday, we’re going to a Flores de Mayo celebration at my grandma’s house. They own a catering service, and they host these celebrations every now and then. Its really fun to go, because its like a mini-reunion out of nowhere. Hahaha. Plus, the food’s always undeniably scrumptious. My Lola there cooks terrific dishes. And they’re all so kind.

We were supposed to have that sleepover before classes start. We also almost forgot about that. But when I was with them, I remembered their first day was on June 4 already. If we didn’t plan yet, then we wouldn’t be able to do it anymore 😦 It kinda sucks too, ’cause I’m the one that’s really hyped for school, and mine won’t start in about two more weeks. Everyone’s going to school already, and I’m here.. Gonna wait for another two weeks for mine to start. Pfft.

This is boring. I must continue playing.


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