Haters go’n hate.

Hmm. So, you see. The boyfriend and I have been together for more than 4 years now. Since March 2008. We were in junior high then, just about to end the year, and preparing to be seniors the following year. Through the years we’ve been together, we have encountered all sorts of problems already. Some easily resolved, some brought us to our own breaking points, once broke up, and now we’re still together, and honestly, happier than ever.  Most problems we encounter are usually regarding these third parties. Girls and boys who have no sense of contentment in life, and just have to break trust between two people. In so long, we’ve faced all kinds of people trying to ruin us, but recently, we had another one. (I know, we’re too old for this shit. Haha.)


This one’s really funny tho. Exploiting an issue out of the blue. Well, the girl’s an old friend of ours… Or so we thought. We usually spent time together, mostly, talking over Twitter or Facebook. Some times, we also see each other since we’re almost neighbors from where Mico lives. What’s really surprising is, not long before she brought the issue up, I actually was willing to risk a fight for her. Yes, I helped her resolve an issue with her baby father. Unusual, right? If only I had known this was bound to happen, I would’ve just let her get trashed by those people right there and then. But no! I did not. I even asked my friends to help!! Ungrateful bitch. (Excuse me for the words, but I don’t know what appropriate term I should use.) From what she told me, I think I did the right decision to ignore her and not believe in what she said. Here are screenshots of our convo, you be the judge. The people I talked to (including his boyfriend that did I mention, is my bestfriend) don’t believe in her. I didn’t want to expose her fully, if she reads this and feels guilty, not my fault anymore. I censored some details. (‘Di naman ako kasing baboy niya, okay. Haha.)

There you go. Bringing something up and not having enough proof? Petty issue. By the way, you only made our bond stronger by doing this.

So for you, funny girl.

I don’t know what your real intentions are, but if you are trying to split us up, or give us problems as hard as yours, you failed. And not because your life’s miserable as hell, doesn’t mean everybody else has to suffer too. Just accept the fact that people’s stories aren’t the same and that there are happy endings too. If you don’t have anything better to do, stay out of my life. I’m happy, my family’s happy, and with what you did, there’s no place in it for you. Why don’t you try something new, and actually get a life. What future does your kid have with his father being what, some selfish jerk, and you being a self-centered bitch. You hate home wreckers, but you’re being one. Just not a successful one. Idk what to say anymore, just stay out of  my life and I’ll do the same. Last thing I need is another pitiful person trying to break me and my boyfriend up.

You don’t want to mess with me. I’m dead serious about issues like this. You wouldn’t like me when I’m uncontrollable.

Just a tip for girls out there, make sure you’re making friends with the right people. You’ll never know who’s biting you when you’re back’s turned on them. And also, don’t ever mess with someone in a relationship, karma for that isn’t pretty, I tell you.


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