Game 7: Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics


I’ve always been a basketball fan. When I was younger, my dad used to play basketball every weekend at the clubhouse from where we used to live. I always went with him, watching his games, if not, probably swimming, or playing with his friends’ children. That opened my eyes to sports. But I was deprived of being an athlete since I was diagnosed of having Rheumatic Fever when I was only 7 years old. Doctors told me not to tire myself so much, because if I do, the disease would get worse and sooner or later develop to be Rheumatic Heart Disease, and could lead to a cardiac arrest. Of course, being a little girl, I got scared of what could happen to me. I ignored all the athletic opportunities I had, and stuck to my creativity, enhancing my sketching, painting, and other art related skills more.

When I met Mico, my boyfriend, I wasn’t sure what he was like. All I knew was he was handsome, and he plays basketball really good. That made him attractive enough for me. And since we got together, I was more enticed with basketball. I wanted to know what basketball was about, how to play it, what are the rules, and all that stuff that he effortlessly explained to me whenever I asked. He’s the type of person that would do anything for basketball. It could actually define his whole life, if you would ask me. Before him, all I watched was Ginebra on PBA, and Lakers on NBA. I never had interest in other teams, or other players. And I basically liked LA Lakers because their team colors are my favorite colors- Yellow & Purple. He introduced me to more players, more teams, more action. Until we finally agreed on one player we both like- Lebron James. He was the King. When he plays, its like watching Mico play. Not that they’re as good as each other, but you can see their dedication and love for the game. From the Cavaliers, to Heat. We cheer for King James every game.

This season, Miami Heat is facing Boston Celtics for the Eastern Conference Finals. Every game, we team up and watch the game. Since we’re in the RP, the game is showed about 30 minutes to an hour later. What we do is we both watch on national TV, and I check the updates on Twitter (@NBA) and on

And now, its down to Game 7, the final judgement. Would it be the Celtics? Or Heat? I SAY HEAT ALL THE WAY!


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