Late nights, early mornings.

Since summer started, I barely get good sleep. I sleep around 2-3am, and usually wake up around 9-10am (depending on when Klaud starts being very rowdy). Specially when I brought this computer home. This was my dad’s computer before, but since he found his laptop to be more convenient to use, Mama, my grandmother, gave it to me. We’ve been inseparable since. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I’m here. In front of the desktop. Waiting to feel sleepy. Listening to my favorite songs over and over, and just thinking of new things to talk about here, or wherever. Mico’s asleep. Klaud’s asleep. What am I supposed to do now. Hnnng. Anyway, meet my messy but very useful desktop. Hahahaha.Image

Okay, it’s almost 2am, and I’m not yet sleepy. I’ve a lunch date with the boyfriend tomorrow and I cannot look tired. I have to be more beautiful. Because I want to. Hahaha.

I’m sitting here, typing in just whatever comes to mind. Wearing a loose blue shirt and boxers. Smoking what’s left of my Marlboro soft pack from yesterday afternoon, listening to my forever crush, Adam Levine’s Payphone, sipping soda from my SBEUC tumbler from mommy.

This is why I don’t get sleepy at night even if I only had a few hours to sleep the night before. Sugar rush. Since my cholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder), I’ve acquired the freedom to eat & drink whatever I want again. 2 years ago, I was diagnosed of having sand-like stones in my gall bladder, whether calcium based or cholesterol based, we never found out. Mid of March this year, I had the worst attack of my entire illness. Lasted for almost 12 hours. I begged my mom to bring me to the ER immediately, and there, I was told that my gall bladder was inflamed and infection’s starting, that I had to have it taken out already. We preferred getting the whole thing out, than just taking the stones out, afraid of risking the stones to form again, and having to suffer the unbearable pain that it gives. Anyway, back to my story. I’ve been drinking soda all I can since I got it out. Since nothing’s preventing me now, I don’t even bother if I drink too much or eat too much of something. Weird thing tho, instead of gaining weight from all the eating & drinking I do, I actually am losing weight. Idk if its because of not getting enough sleep, or the fact that I drink too much soda & juices that I get full easily and not eat as much anymore. Well, whatever it is, I like it, because I used to be bloated. And now, I’m slowly getting my body back.

About the sugar rush, it always keeps me up at night. I always get the feeling of being too tired, but I don’t feel sleepy. So what happens is, I stay up, either blogging or tweeting. My tweets have reached a good 27,000 already. Hahahahaha.

And just as I am writing this post, I just had my last soda refill for the day, since I’ve consumed all of what we have. I actually am having a hard time, because since last week, I’ve been trying to adjust and sleep early, because school starts this Wednesday already. And having 7:30 am classes, I need to get enough sleep every night to be able to function properly everyday.

I just hope things fall to place by next week. I really need to be good in school. This is my last shot, and I can’t blow it off again.

Well, I’m feeling a bit sleepy. I’ll just pack up, and finish this last glass of soda I have here. Good night, wordpress! 🙂


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