More on blogging.

Blogs. Blogs. Blogs. The “in” thing these days. It’s like, if you don’t have a blog, you don’t have a life. Stereotypes. When you’re on Tumblr, you’re cool, you’re the bomb. When you’re on some other blogging site, you’re a geek, a nerd, a boring person.

Tumblr. What I like about it, is the customization settings, and the easy navigation. What I hate about it… The people on it. It’s damn crazy. People would kill just to be “Tumblr Famous”. I mean, is that really the point of blogging? Well, if it is, I’ve been wrong my entire blogging life. Because as far as I know, blogging is more for passion, and enhancement of skills. Not for being famous. Although, people get famous from blogging, it’s still not the main purpose of managing a blog, you know. Hayy. Kids these days.

I’m not pertaining to the blogging sites as the negative thing here, but the people who use them. Specially those under 16. (Yes, specifically under 16) It’s like they’re living in a new dimension already. You see 11-year-olds ranting about not having load or not having the phone they want on Twitter. 13-year-olds posting malicious photos with their boyfriends/girlfriends. 14-year-olds getting pregnant. 16-year-olds getting high on weed. I mean, come on!! When I was 11, all that mattered was if my Barbie dolls’ hair were brushed fine and if my crayons & pens were complete. When I was 13, yes, I had a boyfriend, but all we did was hold hands and hugged. And when I was 16, honestly, I was already drinking alcohol & smoking cigs, but weed? What the fuck, man. These things just aren’t right anymore. This generation is stupid. Well, ours is too, but the following generation’s even more stupid than ours. What the hell happened.

Okay, I just had to let that out. My sister’s obsessing on Justin Bieber once again. And she’s whining about her best friend sending her tons of group messages-_-


4 thoughts on “More on blogging.

  1. LOLed hard when I read that bit about being Tumblr famous. I guess to have a peaceful Tumblr dashboard, you really have to pick the right ones to follow.

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