Amare Aeternum, what does it mean?

Amare Aeternum. I wanted my blog to sound fancy. Google Translate to the rescue! Haha! Well, I’ve always been translating meaningful phrases on Google, just to know if it would sound better in a different language. Now, I chose this phrase to be a part of my journey as a blogger. Amare Aeternum – Love Forever.

Love is a very strong word. And I’m a pretty loving person myself. It’s as if love runs my life. When I’m in love, its all rainbows, and smiles, and tiny scribbled hearts everywhere. When I get hurt because of love, everything fades to a pitch black, gloomy environment. I value loving and being loved so much, because I’ve never ever been deprived of it. Like maybe when I was born, it was attached to me. And from the comments people make about me, they always say I’m very loving.

Forever. I have always known that there’s such a thing as forever. Many people get hurt by love and say forever doesn’t exist. Well, I don’t care. I believe in it, and I know it does exist. And I’ll be here to prove it, no matter what happens.

Love your friends, family, even your enemies. Love what you have, love who you have. Love when you’re sad, love when you’re happy.  Love today, love tomorrow, love forever.


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