Pacquiao vs Bradley: Unfair?


Last night, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to watch the Pacquiao-Bradley match. But as the tweets in my timeline changed from love & hate from NBA to all the bitterness for Pacquiao’s loss, I suddenly got interested. Then I started searching Google for the details regarding the match, and I found some odd information.

  • Timothy Bradley defeated Manny Pacquiao tonight via incredibly controversial split decision on scores of 115-113 across the board, staying undefeated, ending Manny Pacquiao’s amazing win streak, and winning the WBO welterweight title.

What? They just had to retain Tim Bradley’s undefeated streak? Not reasonable enough.

  • Photos of Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao’s fainting with humorous typographies on them.

Her son lost and people had nothing else better to do but make fun of her. This is just stupid.

  • There’s this some kind of “Lederman Card” which shows the boxers’ points round by round. Here’s the link to the photo.

It shows that Manny Pacquiao got a 10 for almost every round, and had totaled 119. Meanwhile, Timothy Bradley, scoring all 9s and totaling 109. Only by this, you can see who should’ve won. I mean, come on. Since when did 109 beat 119?

  • Here’s the link to the final punch stat. Overall, Pacman did better than Bradley. It also shows another view on the Lederman Card.

39% vs 28%. Seriously? Bradley won???

  • Intense comments from people famous and not- all around the world. Literally. Click here.

In any angle you look at it, all the hate and the bad comments about Bradley’s victory’s really rude. I mean, I’m not accepting his victory either because of these things that I saw, but come on. Give him dignity. It wasn’t him who decided who the winner should be. Don’t blame Tim Bradley! Blame those judges from Vegas, who just couldn’t bear to accept that their undefeated boxer, has actually been defeated by our very own Manny Pacquiao.

I applaud Pacman tho. For his humility and positivity regarding the controversial ending of his match.

“The fight was good, and he’s not an easy opponent. He was very strong and he moved around. I mean, I respect that, but I believe that I won the fight,” – Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

We all believe that the decision posted on his match was unfair, and they’ve already scheduled a rematch for it. Even Tim Bradley agrees on giving Manny Pacquiao another shot, and hopefully the next one would be decided on justly.

The rematch is scheduled to be on November 10, 2012. They already are selling tickets for it now. And this time, I’ll make sure to watch the match, just to satisfy myself from all this confusion brought by patches of details I’ve gathered only from the internet.


4 thoughts on “Pacquiao vs Bradley: Unfair?

  1. Exactly.pacman should have won,but the girl next to me watching was so rude about Bradley the whole wasn’t Bradley’s fault,it was the judges’ judging that causes controversy.

    • Yes! And people don’t even notice how rude they are by giving bad & bitter comments about Bradley. He didn’t decide, the judges did. Why put the blame on him, right?

  2. The judges are insane. It could be Racism or Bradley’s team was bribed.
    Last option, atheism. Pacquiao showed Godliness. And the judges might be trying to misprove God’s blessing. Bradley deserved that.

    • Well, I agree that Bradley did not deserve the victory. But isn’t it too much to blame him for what happened? If I were to be asked, I’d still say the judges were very wrong and they should face consequences. It’s either they were bribed by Bradley’s team, or just plain biased that they don’t want a competitor from another country winning in their homeland.

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