One of the most boring days yet.

Hey, reader!! What’s up? I hope you’re having fun at my blog. Most of the things I post here are very random, but some actually enjoy reading it (I DID RESEARCH!! HAHA). Anyway, let me take you on another adventure, through another day in my very exciting (-ish) life.

Well, today, I did practically nothing… Well, I woke up hot headed and furious at Klaud for making me his human trampoline. Yes, he jumps on me. Mostly when I am asleep.  I went online to check on the ECF scores, and watched it on TV as well. After a while, I fell asleep, but woke up due to the intense heat. Again, I went online, and saw news on the controversial loss of Manny Pacquiao. Other than that, all I did today was wait for the boyfriend to come over. I get really excited when he’s coming. Even if we see each other almost everyday. I find it weird, too. I just keep in mind that in a few days, we won’t be seeing each other as often anymore, and maybe that’s why I cherish every moment I’ve been spending with him.

When he got here, we ate dinner. And then did research. For what? His homework. Hahaha! He had a lot to do already, and he’s been only going to school for 2 days. Cool school. Hahahaha. Anyway. He wanted me to write his homework down because I write neat, and pretty in cursive. Btw, they’re required to write in cursive all the time. His professors say that when he takes the licensure exam for teachers, his essays and everything else should be in cursive, and that 40-50% of your final score is based on how good your penmanship is. I find it odd, tho. I mean, shouldn’t they be basing on what the person knows? Not just how the person writes? Oh well. I don’t care. Haha. I’m not gonna take exams like that.

I’m just really worried, that I might be spoiling him too much, and he just might get used to it, and rely on me from here on regarding things like this. Well, I hope not. I know he’s mature enough to do things on his own.

Well, that’s how my day went. Pretty boring. Well, one of the most boring days ever. How did yours go? Hope it went well. I don’t like people suffering like me. Hahahaha!



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