School life.

Well, since classes started, I’ve been inactive here. It’s been a pretty busy weekend for me, since I have Saturday classes.

The school’s not that bad tho. I actually am starting to like going to school 🙂 Yes, the people aren’t “my kind” of people, but hey, they’re just as fun to be with. The rooms aren’t as bad as I imagined, but the professors… Oh God. I speak better English than they do. And I’m only 19!!

Funny thing tho, they’ve all been calling me “Mommy”, since they found out about Klaud. Hahaha. Plus, every time I cut classes, fortunately, my professors don’t feel like teaching also. I’m one lucky kid. Hahahaha!

As of now, I haven’t had any photos with my new friends yet. But they’re all really cool to hang with. They’re very nice, but so rowdy. Hahaha. Next post, I promise to have photos of them already! 🙂


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