Southwest Monsoon hits the RP.

Hello everyone!!

Its been so long since I last posted. My wireless adapter gave up and I didn’t have internet connection for so long 😦 Breaks my heart. Plus, BB Social doesn’t include WordPress for BlackBerry, so, yeah.

Anyway, I’ve a lot to post about, but here’s the latest issue in the Philippines, so I’m writing about it.

2009, typhoon Ondoy struck the Philippines, leaving millions of people homeless and broke.

2011, typhoon Pedring came along, and did the same.

2012, no typhoon strong enough has struck, but this monsoon, or “habagat” as they say is damaging millions of Filipinos as of the moment.

August 7, 2012 (Tuesday)
Suspension of classes was declared in the morning due to intense rainfall. The night before, warnings were given that within a few hours, rain was getting harder by the hour. I guess not everyone honored those warnings that PAGASA gave out.

By Tuesday morning, local news was filled with announcements and rescue plans. Filipinos all over the country were suffering. In less than 5 hours, more than 10 states in the Philippines were declared in a State of Calamity. After a while watching the news, places all over the country were in deep trouble. Marikina, Rizal, Manila, Malabon, Pampanga and more were flooded from the lowest knee-deep to waist-deep, some even above a person’s height. Even Commonwealth and Fairview (which is very near my place) were under water in a snap. Landslides and overflowing dams were all over the news. Death tolls rose, and injury count too. 

Is this the beginning of the end of the world? I hope not. I seriously hope not. We’re Filipinos. We can get through this, just like we got past typhoons Ondoy & Pedring.

Now, for all the people making fun of this situation, get a life! Grow up, get a heart!! People’s lives are in serious danger and you have the guts to make fun of everything? Stop with the Bible stuff, the Genesis 8:7-12 thing, and all that nonsense. The Bible has nothing to do with this.

Instead of yapping around about things that aren’t as important, we should pray. Pray for our safety, for others’ safety, and for miracles to happen, and for us to be saved.



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