Project Greenway : Cabronettes Reunited :)


MIRIAM COLLEGE – Where I met the most amazing people in my life. Some went along, some stayed. Of all those people who stayed, these girls are who I missed most. I missed, I miss, and will forever be missing. 🙂 They made my life in Katipunan less stressful, less regretted.

August 31, 2012, Miriam College HEU held an eco-show featuring the wonderful lesbians of MC, to do a fashion show, in their recycled outfits. Recycled, meaning made up of literally recycled materials, not old clothes put to use. It was a very nice show, and I enjoyed it. Php120 was so worth it. Hahahaha!

Anyway, since I’ve deactivated my Facebook accounts, I’ve been wondering where I could upload my photos. Any suggestions? 🙂


My Arabian love. Hahaha. Hi Galvan! 🙂 :*


Birds of the same feather, fuck together. My partner in errthang. Hihi.Image

And yours truly 🙂



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