Good bye 1st semester, good bye Hotel & Restaurant Management

FINALLY! What seemed such a long semester already ended. Today, October 20 was our last day in school. Final exams, deadlines and the like. This week has been more stressful than usual, projects and papers adding up to the already existing pressure brought about by the final examinations. But, let’s put all that behind us, because I want to enjoy this semestral break! We only have about 3 weeks, including enrollment and releasing of grade slips, but still, 3 weeks is already enough to relax and unwind from all the stress we’ve been through since June.

Anyway, remember how in some of my previous posts, I was in denial with what course to apply for? Well, this coming sem, I’ll be shifting, and I hope this is the last. From Hotel & Restaurant Management, I’ll be shifting to Travel Management, because I want things to be more than perfect for Mico & I. He’ll be transferring by November to OLFU, and will be taking up BSTM. Since we’ve had so many issues with people around us, we both agreed on enrolling the same course, same sections and everything, to make sure we’ll be together all the time. Not 24/7, yes, but most of our time.

Why did I agree? Even if I know that it’ll keep me in college longer, communication is what we lack. It’s what’s keeping us apart all the time. Being in the same course and having the same classes would increase communication between us, then we’d be able to go through everything smoothly, and everything will be easier.

I’m just nervous of what would happen next. But for now, I’m more than happy that we’re okay, and we’re starting over. We know what ticks each other off, we avoid everything that could possibly wreck what we have, and we’re both here for Klaud. For me, that’s all that matters. Wish us luck! :>

ImageLuneta, October 17 2012

(c) Bianca Angeles


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