Love is…

IRONIC. Sa pag ibig masasaktan ka, pero sasaya ka din.

That’s what I’ve learned through the years, in keeping my relationship strong. The person that gives you eternal happiness is also the person who could kill you emotionally. Ironic, but vry true.

Being in love knows no limits, so does getting hurt. But hey, its a package deal. You cry just as much as you smile. Some see it positively, some the opposite. As for me, I stay in between and balance the “what ifs” in loving. As anybody else in the world, I dont like getting hurt too. But through all the pain I’ve encountered, all I thought was one thing – God won’t put me through something I cant conquer. And so after a couple of sleepless nights and what seemed like endless crying, I was thinking clearly. And then I thought, if he can’t be the bigger person, perhaps I should try and be it.

After countless times of trial & error, I think this time, we’re finally outgrowing the arguments and just giving each other what we can.

Im not saying this is final, because I know everything can and will change. But for now, I’m happy and there’s no way I’m letting go, and thats all that matters 🙂


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