Grades, shmades.

Yesterday was the first day of the releasing of grades. Being excited and all because I know I did very well this semester, I went early to get my grades. It was very unusual, because unlike the schools I came from, at my school now, we have to appear personally to get our grades. I got so used to staying up late and checking my grades online, that I almost forgot the date of release.

Anyway, I was so excited to see my grade slip (as they call it). I fell in line and waited for some of my friends who were also coming with me to see how they did the past semester. I was very confident, but to my surprise, this is what I saw:


NSC5 is the course code they have for Environmental Science. Honestly, sciences aren’t really my thing. I mean, I’m not really the sharpest one when it comes to science. But still. I worked my ass off this semester to get a grade I deserved, and a 5.00 isn’t what I deserve. Well, most of the people in my class failed this course, not because we’re all dumb, but because the professor, well for me, isn’t fit to be teaching students. She has this attitude of who knows what, but is really annoying. She keeps on walking out of our class, mid-lecture, and there were weeks she never even bothered to come to class. And then when we all got failing marks on our midterm exams, she got furious and said she wasn’t the one to blame because she did her part. DID HER PART? HOW? Nobody else sees it.

Anyway, my former block and I are planning to write a petition, asking for justice regarding our horrendous 5.00 marks for NSC 5. I just hope the dean would hear us out and give us what we really worked for.


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