Am I being selfish for wanting to spend time with who’s soon to be my husband? Or are things just really fucked up to make me feel this way?

Whatever it is, I dont like it.

I’ve always had this attention problem with people. Like, I always want their attention to be with me. Somehow, with my personality, I’ve managed to get that and have things going my way all the time. But when it comes to him, all I get is rejection and failure – all the time.

Lately, we’ve been arguing like a married couple fighting about their in-laws. Well, long story short, I’ve been dying to spend time with him but his family has so many issues that we barely see each other already. I mean, its no big deal if he spends time with his family, but he shouldn’t forget that we are his family too, and that he comes home to them everyday, unlike us. We dont get to sleep and wake up beside him, but I dont complain. Just as long as he spends enough time with me and his son.

All I want is for him to spend time with his son this sembreak because 2 weeks from now, we’d both be very busy with school. Is that so hard to understand?


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