Unconditional, yes.

Unconditional, yes.

Meet my… My brother. My bestfriend. My boyfriend. My husband. My partner. My everything. My forever.

“Even if the world gives me a thousand reasons to leave you, I’ll throw back a million reasons why I wouldn’t… Even if that means nothing to you at all.”

Ever had that painful feeling when someone you love is about to leave? Someone who has been a big part of your life, someone you shared everything with. Someone who changed you and gave you so much happiness. I have, countless times.

In every person’s life, someone will come along and change everything. That one person you’d do anything for without asking anything in return. The one that you’d cry about because he hurt you, but still, you’d do everything for him not to leave. That one person you can’t forget, not only because you’ve had so many memories together, but because they’re already a part of you. Your personality, your whole being.

Everyone needs a partner in life. Nobody ever lives alone. Remember the saying, “No man is an island”? Self explanatory. Nobody can ever live alone. Well, some people do, for a short period of time, but after a while, all that changes. People would start looking for that someone who would be there for them all the time.

Right now, I’m on the edge of breaking down. Of giving up on everything I worked long and hard for, because of such a stupid thing that started from a tiny argument, and grew to something really big.

He’s the person I would do anything for. He’s the guy I would want to spend the rest of my life with, and that I’ve decided a long time ago. He’s the person I’d die for.. Just like how Juliet died for Romeo. He’s the person I’d wanna wake up next to in 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and smile, and tell myself that I am happy, whether we become dirty rich, or poor as a sewer rat.

Normal people would say, “that’s just infatuation.”, “you’re still young.”, “there are many fish in the sea”, “he’s not the only man in the world.”. Well, I say, yes I know I’m young. And I’m smart enough to know this is not just infatuation, there are many other people in the world, there are many more men out there willing to love me, but they’re not him. And no matter what they say or do, they will never ever ever be him. They will never measure up to what he means to me, and I cannot love them more than or as much as I love him. Yes, from time to time, I get hurt. Yes, every now and then I cry. But, all these things are making me stronger, and I believe that if sooner or later he still doesn’t see my worth, God will make a way for me to be strong enough to let him go, if that’s what’s meant to happen.

For now, screw all the bullshit people say. I will make things work, even if it means I have to sacrifice a little more than I already have for my boys. I know all this pain will be worth it. I know all this suffering will make me a better person. TIWALA LANG.

Things will fall into place eventually. Maybe not now, not tomorrow, but soon, I believe. Soon, I will be happy, and nothing will pull me down again. You know what they say, Life is about falling – Living is about getting backup.

(Photo recycled from way back 2008, 4th year high)


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