Monthsaries: Should they really be that big of a deal?


Monthsary. Familiar? Heard it before? Know it? Celebrate it? Well for those who don’t know this… The word “monthsary” stands for Month Anniversary. Couples everywhere celebrate it. Some even celebrate Week Anniversaries. Anyway, that’s not my point. My question here is.. Should it really be that much of an issue if let’s say, boyfie/girlfie forgets? Or.. If boyfie didn’t surprise you, or give you a gift, or made you something?

Honestly, I used to make a big deal out of monthsaries too. USED TO. I was younger, and all that mattered were who I was with, how happy we were, and that the whole world to see it.

I learned about these things when I was just hitting puberty… Literally. Around my preteen years. I was always so glad when a relationship runs past the first month, to the fifth, until I met Mico, and everything changed. At first we were both really happy for monthsaries, of course, celebrating how long we’ve already been together. Back then, I used to get offended when older people ask me why I’m so happy about a monthsary. I tried to explain, but most of the time, I couldn’t think of reasons either. Further into the relationship, we both got tired of making a big deal out of our monthsaries, that we actually already forget how many months we’ve been together. Just like now, we greet each other, but we don’t actually count anymore – not until our anniversary. Now we celebrate every month, simply by spending the day together, and that’s it. 

So, why am I writing about this shit? Today’s the 6th of November, and its our monthsary. I just don’t know how many months though. Hahahahaha. Today’s our happiest celebration so far. Why?

November 5, 2012


I accompanied him to school to get his schedule and pick up our uniforms which were said to be made by today. Since we’re both not sure if we were gonna see each other tomorrow, I decided we go out and have our little celebration in advance. I asked him to pick us up  around lunch time, went to the mall, and had lunch. Afterwards, we strolled around the mall a bit, and waited for our little macaroni to wake up, since he was asleep even before we ate. When he woke up, we were just about decided to get a cab and rush of to school. 

We got there around 2pm. We passed by the tailor’s shop, asked about our uniforms. The woman said mine was done, and his was still in another shop, but will be brought later in the afternoon. We then, went on to the Admissions Office of the school, asking if he already had his schedule prepared, but we had no luck. We waited a while, but the man said it wasn’t ready yet. We went out, back to the tailor’s shop, and retrieved our clothes, also settling another transaction for another set of uniforms. I decided to wait for his, since it would be very tiring if we’d go back everyday and check bit by bit if everything was done.

We ran across some friends, and chatted a while, then he decided to ask for the last time today, for his class schedule. I told him to go, and he did, and came back with a smile, because finally, he had his very much awaited sched. We were both smiling because out of our 8 subjects, we had 5 of them together, and our dismissals were just a few hours away from each others’.

After the long time spent in school with tiny macaroni, we went home not only because we were done, but because the skies seemed upset and gloomy, and we expected rainfall. As trying to be responsible parents, we thought that having Klaud outside while raining is not a good thing. So we took off, and stayed indoors until it was just about dinnertime. I was upset, I admit. Because he told me he needed to go home  to show his Registration Card to his dad. 


But that’s not it! 🙂 After a few hours, he texted me, asking if he could sleep over. I said yes, and in not less than an hour, he was here… Again 🙂 We spent the night eating, and watching movies. Although we didn’t finish every movie because we found them boring. We saw Cabin in the Woods. Hella freaky movie. And because of that, we weren’t able to sleep. Hahaha. I stayed awake with him until around 3am, watching random shows on TV, until I was so sleepy, I couldn’t even remember how I fell asleep.

November 6, 2012

Just like any other day, I woke up a bit late, but it was okay. Because I was smiling. Why? Because I woke up to this:


Anyway, we spent the day like how we used to. Watching TV, taking quick naps, and pigging out. Everybody headed out, and we were left home alone. We didn’t have anything to eat for lunch, and since I thought today was a pretty special day, I decided to treat lunch. We bought pizza, and I tried out this milk tea shop near us.



Long post? Lazy to read? Well, I’m expressive when I’m happy 🙂 

Happy 56th month, babe! 🙂 I love you to Pluto and back, a million billion gazillion times :*

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