Damage control

I know by now the “Amalayer” issue has died down but I haven’t blogged about it yet so here it goes.

My friend Bianca posted the Amalayer video on my wall middle of last week (around Tuesday/Wednesday). I wasnt able to view it since I get so tired at school that I barely check my Facebook account on the computer anymore. I checked it when I went online one afternoon after school. Yes, I admit, I became an instant hater of the Amalayer girl, Paula Jamie Salvosa.

What she did wasnt right, but I’m pretty sure she did it for some reason. That reason, until today, is unknown.

I understand why people give her too much hate, but then again, when is too much enough? If you were in her position, would you like to be treated how she was treated? Would you like to receive comments, judgement, and hate like that? And by millions of people you don’t even know?

For us normal netizens, we express ourselves in Social Networking sites, mainly, Facebook & Twitter. Yes, we live in a free country. But dont you think what happened to her was just a little too much? If the Cyber-Crime Law was passed, all those haters could get into so much trouble. Even of the bill was passed, don’t be too confident with what you post on the worldwide web. You’ll never know what could happen.

Well.. Im glad I got that out. Haha!


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