Commonest post: What’s in your bag?

Alright. Well today wasn’t such a good say, considering the fact that I’ve just found out that I kinda enrolled one subject with the exact same course description as one of my subjects the previous semester, and that my schedule could possibly change from a stress free one to a stressful one. Now, I’d have to do everything before Friday and since Wednesday wouldn’t work because of schedule conflicts… I’mma do the adding and dropping on Thursday.

Anyway highway.. Tonight’s blog post is about… *drumroll* MY BAAAG!!! So, since I’ve been blogging, I’ve been across blogs managed by women of all ages and always see posts like this. Enough about the chit chat, let’s explore my school bag! 🙂


1st: (Top left) A photo of my bag! 🙂 Its a bag I asked from my mom about a week ago if I could have it since I never saw her use it. I needed a bag that would hold my stuff but wasn’t too big. When I saw this, I thought it would be perfect 🙂

2nd: (Top right) Excuse the redunancy but.. An open view of my very very VERY messy bag. I dont really have time to fix it.

3rd: (Middle left) Notebooks & papers. I NEVER SURVIVE WITHOUT PAPER. Haha! Since I started doodling around, I got used to spend my free time drawing anything and everything.


I bring three notebooks all the time. Two for notes, and another for just about anything. The papers are handouts from my professors. Hihi.

4th&5th: (Middle right & bottom right) MAKEUP. Someone like me would NEVER survive without these. I got a massive makeup bag which usually makes my bag heavy all the time. Hahaha.

6th: (Bottom left) My ever so trusty pen/pencil case. This mesh bag used to be my old makeup bag but since most of my relatives (specifically my mom & my grandmothers from both sides) are very supportive of me wearing makeup when I go out, they buy & give me new makeup every now and then. An that’s why my puny makeup bag with face powder, cheek tint, lipstick & mascara grew to a real bag with almost a complete set of stuff for a day’s full makeup. When I started having a hard time zipping this baby up everytime I used my makeup, my grandma figured out that I needed a new one. She rummaged through her closet that seemed to be endless to me since I was a kid because it held tons of clothes and knick knacks. After a few minutes, she thought she found th right bag and placed all my stuff in it, and this little thing was demoted from being something that held my makeup to something that contained my pens. My awesome, colorful pens.

Other than what’s posted in the photo, I always carry around a pair of flat shoea – the zebra print ones Coach gave me or the glittery black ones I used to wear when I was an HRM student last semester. They’re my emergency shoes, because as a Tourism student, we were required to wear heels and my feet wouldnt survive my killer pumps. Also, I bring an umbrella, my school ID, my wallet, stockings, a green scarf for my uniform, and always.. A pack of cigs.

Theeeere you go. So tell me, what’s in your bag? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Commonest post: What’s in your bag?

    • Hmm. Interesting bag you got there! Haha! Before my laptop got busted, I used to bring it around too. And, I don’t put money in my bag anymore 😦 Crooks all around have stolen from me in all sorts of ways, and I guess all that gave me trauma and taught me to keep my cash somewhere near me, so I put ’em in my pockets. Hahaha 🙂

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