From me, to you. All of you.

Lately, since I’ve got a very wide schedule, I’ve been more present here in my blog. I go online and blog more than I used to, And as of today… I kinda gained about 1/2 of my total followers last week! Its not too much, but knowing people actually read the stuff I post makes me very happy.  So, to all of my followers, known and unknown… I love you! 🙂

Anyway, welcome to my blog!! Another set of pages with words & photos posted according to how the author was feeling. Here, you’ll be encountering a lot of love stories, relationship & family rants, school stuff, and… a whole lot of cursing. Cursing who? The world. My parents. My family. My friends. My things. Anyone who’s anyone. Him, her, me… YOU. But don’t mind the cursing, it doesn’t mean anything. They just replace the feelings I can’t put to writing. They aren’t serious. Just.. expressions.

Have fun readinggg! 🙂


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