She bangs

BANGS – I’ve lived with them since around 2006. I’ve always been with bangs parted to the side. And just like with anything, you’d get tired of it eventually. And since I always (literally) crave for something new.. I tried to cut my bangs this morning. And here’s how I look now!


Instagram: dddaniellej 🙂

Hahaha. Full bangs, yes. I have been planning on doing this for how many months now but haven’t really had enough courage & will power to do so. Hahahaha. Apparently, everybody I saw today got stunned by the sudden change in my appearance. Its suddenly a big issue, and the moment I posted this photo on Facebook, it earned a lot of likes & comments, and now my friends wanna see me in person. Hahahaha. I think its nice 🙂 Mico does too. He told me I look like those animé characters with big eyes and beautiful hair. My friends told me I look like a doll. Hahaha. What about you, reader? What do you think? 🙂


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