For years now, I’ve been in and out of horrible situations. And since I’ve been a netizen, I spent 80% of my time online.. Mostly on TWITTER.


Familiar of the statement, “That awkward moment when suddenly, everybody has Twitter, while you’ve had one forever”? Its so me. I’ve been ranting on Twitter since 2009. And the 30k+ tweets I have are comprised of the nonsense, anger, doubts, and happiness that usually barge into my head every now and then.

Twitter has always been some sort of escape for me. Not an escape from reality, but from all the stress that’s trying to eat me up. Its just too much, and nobody can take up much stress. It’ll end in either a.) insanity b.) depression or c.) suicide.

Through the years, I’ve learned one of the numerous life lessons we have to know… That is, you cannot trust anyone but yourself. I’ve found diaries/journals very boring. Facebook and Blogging very public. And so I resorted to Twitter. But after a while, I’ve regained my trust for the worldwide web, and that’s when I started blogging again.. That’s why you’re reading my post now. Haha.

So, hey. Follow me and maybe you’ll get to know me better! 🙂 @aieyeyeah


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