Bad habits – Quitting isn’t always bad.

Through the years, I’ve been with so many people who contributed a lot to who I am today. My personality, my attitude… And my habits. I’ve slowly dropped most of the critical ones. I stopped my almost alcoholic life almost three months ago. I bailed on billiards long enough. I distanced myself from most of it, but one. One habit I’ve become dependent on and am most certainly willing to quit as well, or if not, probably lessen. The Cancer Stick…. Cigarettes.

I grew up, with more than four family members I constantly see wandering around with these things that produce smoke. I always told myself that I will NEVER try smoking. But guess what. They say never say never. After fourteen years out of my mother’s womb, I decided to try it out. Just to see why they like it so much. And because back then, smoking was cool. But we were young. Barely ready to face the real world. I was vulnerable, and pounced on anything that seemed to be in with our generation.

Four-five years after, here I am. Very dependent on cigarettes, and honestly.. I’m afraid. Not because people around me might not like me if I didnt smoke with them or whatever.. But because I have a child, and I couldn’t even imagine if I had to deprive him of what he should have, just because of my vice.

Now, I’m writing this post to start tracking my consumption of nicotine sticks in a day. To see if I’d succeed and finally get to quit smoking, or if I’d grow worse.

Everyday, I’ll be posting how many sticks I’ve burned and how I’m coping with it.

I’m planning to cut down bit by bit, by all means necessary. I’ll be starting tomorrow, December 11, 2012. I’m planning to start by reducing my consumption of 12-15 sticks a day to 8-10.

Nothing happens right when you want them to. Everything should be done carefully. And I am determined to achieve this. Its never too late for change. Specially if its for the better

Join me as I go on a journey towards clean lungs and a healthy lifestyle! 🙂


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