2012: Gangnam Style, Nostradamus, Mayan Calendar……

Late 2009, a film entitled 2012 showed us how the world would end. They said China had built ships that would protect anyone and everyone in it. Sorta like Noah’s Ark. Annoying thing is.. Only those who can afford a pass could get in, and the passes cost billions. If you’d watch keenly, no Filipinos were casted in the movie.. Mainly because no Filipino can afford it. So racist.

In other news, 2012 is said to be the last year of our lives. Predictions say December 21 2012 would be the day that the world will end.

My question is.. How sure are they to pronounce that the world would really end?

I haven’t read the passage from the Bible about this, but according to what I see around the internet, it goes something like, “No one, not even the prophets could tell when, where and how. No one could tell the exact time and date of the said doomsday.” Who or what gives these people courage to spread the news that the world is ending soon?

As the date said fast approaches, I admit, even I am getting paranoid. And being very tensed, I satisfied my urge to research on it. With the help of Google and Youtube, I found a bit of relief. Here are what I saw:

End of the Mayan Calendar
People are stressing themselves on this Mayan Calendar shiz. As I clicked through links and read through articles & blogs, one statement marked my memory… “..the Mayan Calendar, which is said to be running out of years is supposed to be marking the end of the world. What people misunderstand about this is the Mayan Calendar is just like our calendars. They run out of days at the 31st of December, but then a new calendar starts.”

Nostradamus on Psy
Nostradamus, as we all know, predicts events that do happen. And this seemed to be one of the components of the said doomsday prophecy we have heard.

“From the calm morning the end will come, when of the dancing horse, the number of circles will be 9” – Nostradamus, 1555

All the interpretations lead to Psy and his hit, Gangnam Style which is about to hit 1,000,000,000 views on Youtube. The said video appears to have an estimate 8 million views per day and is said to hit a billion by the 21st of December.

Creepy, shocking and everything else you could think of. But why do we have to make it a big deal? Lots of predictions have been made and none have happened. Let’s stop this nonsense. We will live through 12 21 12, just like we’ve been doing for the past decades.


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