Ombre & my 20th ♥

Im back foreal!!!!!! 🙂

Summer. Oh Summer..

Unlike everyone else, I’m not excited about the beach, or swimming. I’m pretty much excited about being able to blog freely again. Haha 🙂

So, a lot has happened lately and here’s one of the most memorable events!



Since early 2012, I’ve been wanting to dip dye or Ombre my hair. But since I had short hair then, I didn’t go for it and dyed my hair a lighter brown instead.

This year, I got my mind finally made up and had it done. I used to plan for a brown to blonde ombre, but that style’s becoming too mainstream already. I wanted a brown to red but I didnt think it would look nice. And since I was battling with myself before on what color to put, I decided to use both my choices. Hahaha.

I must admit tho, for such a low price… Its not bad! 🙂 I did it as an advanced birthday gift for myself. And as always, I wanted to stand out. And that craving is now satisfied. ♥

Well, I gotta run. I have to wake up early. School’s demanding a very time consuming activity to be passed on Wednesday. Be back soon! Good night!!! ♥


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