What I’m not and who I am.

I am a young adult. Not a teenager anymore. I’m still in College and I come from a broken family. I have a three year old son and I do not regret having him.

I’m not your typical girl who wears pretty dresses and matching shoes and jewelry. I do not pray before meals. I do not go to mass every Sunday. I do not follow the rules and I don’t like being told what to do. I’m not afraid of consequences and I accept karma as it is.

But I do my best in everything I do. I like to stand out and I do everything just to make it happen. I like sneakers and I wear makeup. I like men’s shirts and I wear them all the time. I’m not sexy nor am I smart. But I am wise and I know thats enough. I make mistakes just like everybody else. I drink alcohol, I smoke and I party. I fail exams and I drop subjects. I did not finish college on time and I am not an achiever.

I may appear to be an example of today’s wasted youth but I’m not. I’m just a girl. That happens to be very eccentric and unusual. I appear strange and wild. But I know my priorities and I do my responsibilities. I raise my son the way I know. And nothing’s stopping me. Because as far as I know, good parenting does not rely on financial capability or knowledge. But on love and acceptance, trust and enthusiasm. I accept who I am and I’m not in rebellion nor am I in pain. I just like to have fun and I do it my way.

Would you blame people for being what they are? Would you contradict a person’s way of thinking just because society says its not right?

People like me are the immediate target of the judgemental eye. But to those who can’t help but complain, do you even know enough for you to judge what we are? I don’t think so.

And I hope this somehow opens the minds of thousands… Even millions of people who prefer sticking to the status quo and refuse to accept reality.

“The negative things that people say against me do not define me as a person, but instead, it defines them.” – Jose Mari “Vice Ganda” Viceral


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