Just one of them summer obsessions.

Every summer, I get into these crazes which are really uncontrollable. I mean, I stay up til morning just to do them and the like.

Summer of 2009, Billiards.
2010, Ragnarok Online & adobe Photoshop
2011, League of Legends
2012, WordPress
2013…. MAKE UP.

Yes, you did not read it wrong. I really meant make up.

I’ve been wearing makeup for as long as I could remember. But I do not know how to play with it, and make myself really beautiful with it. I used to just wear makeup because it prevents me from looking all tired and stuff. That’s just it. A bit if concealer, press powder, blush and gloss. Further into maturity, I’ve discovered bit by bit how to make use of all the makeup that’s been here for so long. Some came in as gifts from way back, some I bought ’cause I thought they were really nice, and some.. just there because I felt like I needed it.

So, how did I start getting crazy with the makeup? YOUTUBE. My sister showed me the Barbie tutorial posted by Michelle Phan (look her up, she makes really easy to follow tutorials), and thought I’d try it myself.

I tried playing with myself last night which didn’t work quite well because I did it around 10pm inside my poorly lit room. Tonight, I found my trusty old desk lamp which I used to clip around my drafting table in 2009 whenever I needed sufficient lighting for my plates. But since I abandoned fine arts, I dismantled my drafting table and also the other things I attached to it. Lucky find!

I’ll post what I will be doing in about an hour or so, after I’ve done it 🙂 Ciao!! xx


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