Blogging: The essence is gone.


A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

So, here’s the first critique of many, on how technology and lack of knowledge has changed people. 


Blogging has been a passion. I started blogging when I was about 11 years old, back in my frosh year in highschool. I was on Xanga then. I learned the essentials of blogging there. And also, since that was when the technology’s just rising, I did learn at an early age. Nowadays, people know this stuff like its the back of their hands. Its like an inborn thing. The codes, the CSS, the html… Pshh. I had to learn the hard way.

Redirecting… I’ve always been a neat blogger. I always wanted my blog so pretty and clean to look at, and I wanted people to know that it was MY blog. I post my photos, and thoughts, and anything and everything else I could think of. For how many years, that was what blogging was for me.

Now, I see people… I see CHILDREN. Yes, children on Tumblr. And I am not talking about 7 year olds. I’m talking about the tweens, just about to hit puberty. My sister’s on tumblr. She’s only 12. I found people on Tumblr, they’re  only.. what.. 10? 11? Geez. Kids that age shouldn’t be too exposed to the internet yet. When I was around that age, I spent my time outdoors playing with my friends, or playing with my dolls. But no. Since this is a new generation, they all waste their summers and their weekends and holidays.. ONLINE. And why do they go on Tumblr? TO REBLOG STUFF THAT OTHER PEOPLE POST. I even talked to someone who only made a Tumblr account just to reblog stuff. As written above, it’s a website to record opinions, info and shit like that.

POSERS. Not a new issue for this generation, but hey. It’s very noticeable. When I was 13-14, I had posers. They bombarded the profiles with sexual innuendos and stuff like that. Posers were bullies. Posers were stupid. And then lately, I find out that posers nowadays use other people’s faces to become a different person. Like literally living another person’s life… And without permission. AND KIDS LIKE TO DO THAT. THEY. LIKE. IT.

What the hell’s going on? I mean, I don’t wanna sound like an old grandma.. But.. WHAT THE FUCK GUYS! You kids are too young. You shouldn’t be blogging about your body, your insecurities, your crushes, and your heartaches! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE INSECURE YET. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING HEARTACHES. What has happened to humanity!!! 

*Sorry for the rage. I’m just really concerned. They are getting really really reeeeeally worse.*


4 thoughts on “Blogging: The essence is gone.

  1. I just stumbled on your blog from a random google search of the name, but hey, I thought i’d comment anyway, I know people who write these appreciate it.

    Your post really hit home with me, I’ve always been interested in the blogging “scene”, so to speak, it’s glamorous in our culture, with the likes of gossip girl and such. I’ve had my small forays, with small pieces of descriptive writing, and talking about days and how they relate to songs, but I’ve always given up, as I feel I don’t really have the original content needed to justify writing, and that people wouldn’t be interested in it.

    Then tumblr happened, and I look at it in a little bit of disgust, these people having thousands of people following them, and all they do is reblog things, and put text on pictures, it’s not real content, or at least I don’t think so. Maybe I’m just bitter. Keep going, because this one post has gained you at least one reader, and now I’m going to continue to look through the rest of your blog.

    • Hey! Sorry for the very late reply, I wasn’t online that much this past week.

      Anyway, why don’t you continue blogging? You know, skills aren’t honed by stopping. You gotta keep practicing! Plus, it helps to relieve stress as far as I know.

      And yes, Tumblr has been very annoying and disgusting recently. Back in 2010, Tumblr wasn’t that big of a hit and I was on it, and there was nothing but love and helping and insights. Now its just. *Like* *Reblog* *Scroll*

      Oh, and thanks for taking an interest in my writing!!! 🙂 I barely get comments like this. Hehe. Hope you have fun reading my blog! xx

      • Maybe I will, I couldn’t really justify my ramblings before as I thought I wouldn’t post often enough, but considering the amount of stuff I watch these days, maybe I could throw some reviews in there. It is certainly something to think about though. I could certainly use the stress relief if it does help with that.

      • Hmm. Well from my own experience, it does. I remember my bestfriend used to tell me, whenever I’m too stressed or thinking too much, I should try jotting my thoughts down on a piece of paper, and it’ll help release some bad vibes. And if ever you blog again, let me know! I’ll be one of your regular readers. 🙂

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