Free lancing, now an addition to my list of innumerable occupational choices.

I have always been a free lancer. I took jobs I could do whenever they come up. I kinda didn’t know where to focus tho. And for a freelancer, that’s hard. You don’t know what kind of jobs you’re looking for, and the people who want these jobs done do not know if they could trust your skills as well.

Two years ago, I met a friend in MC. Her name’s Fionna. She became an instant bestfriend to me. We always got along, and we just love each other’s company. She’s been free lancing as a model and a make up artist since 2010/2011 (not sure). And she always brings me to her shoots, giving me experience in both fields as well. πŸ™‚

In summer of 2012, I finally had the courage to portray myself as a model, and joined one of her organized open shoots. I had fun, I admit. And I wanted more. There were some more offers after that, no pay tho. But the exposure and experience is fun.

So, while my bestfriend’s becoming an instant pro on this, I’m following her footsteps and trying my best to be one as well. πŸ™‚ Here are some outtakes from yesterday’s shoot πŸ™‚



(Photo credits to: Elaine Cedillo)

I really like the group we worked with. πŸ™‚ I’ve worked with some other photography groups before, but I can say these people are the most fun of them all. They were bubbly and mingling and funny! They kept on complimenting us, which was really helpful to keep the stress and pressure of having so many photographers crowding around you while you pose awkwardly.

253345_453289704755477_958163014_n(The group :D)

We are holding modelling workshops to those interested, only for a very cheap price! Plus, quality photos are taken by photographers, ’cause they’re not just some group of amateur kids with overly expensive cameras calling themselves photographers. They know what they’re doing, which makes us work in a very comfortable environment. πŸ™‚



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