The Vice Ganda Joke No One Got



Netizens were abuzz the last couple of days due to a controversial comment comedian/drag queen Vice Ganda made during his “concert” when he joked that newsperson Jessica Soho has to be gang raped. The biggest biff people had was making light of being raped, and imagining that vile act on an actual person.

Everything people have said before me is correct. That rape is a horrible act, that it is a crime against human sexuality, and that it carries a political baggage. All fine and dandy. But something nagged inside me, I couldn’t shake it off.

Until I realized: It’s all ultimately a joke.

Let me tell you why.

(1) Rape can be funny.

The feminazi inside you who has read that line may be dying to kill me, but before you light your torches, let me explain myself.

Comedy and tragedy take equal prominence (hence, the iconic symbol of…

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