Job opportunities. The limit does not exist.

Job opportunities. The limit does not exist.

I should’ve been a graduate from the class of 2013. I should’ve received my diploma and be either employed or looking for a nice paying job that’s worth my four years of time in College.
But I am not. I did not march to receive my diploma yet. I am not employed nor am I seeking employment yet.

Four years after high school, I am still on that nasty learning curve. I am just about to be as independent as I could get, and I am just in the middle of exploring life in a University. I am delayed by four years. I wasted four years. Four meaningful years that were all supposed to be dedicated to studying, developing the skills I have, and discovering a lot that I haven’t before. A lot of people see me as the perfect example for today’s wasted youth. I admit, I have been. But now, I am far too changed to still be referred to as that. But of course, everyone’s a critic and judgement will never leave anyone… Ever.

2009, I entered College with the most enthusiasm I have ever had. I made mistakes. A lot of mistakes. And that year started my unending chain of unfortunate events.

People often talk about me like I’m the only person who isn’t able to wrap up studies in time. Like I’m the only person who has transferred schools and shifted courses almost every year. Like I’m a bad person. Like I am somehow associated with the devil.

They criticize what I choose based on what society thinks. Based on the status quo. Based on whatever majority of the people say. Well, I admit, I used to believe in all those too. Until I’ve been through what I’ve been through.

They say God could never put you in something you couldn’t conquer. And I prove that right. I am living proof of that…. Well, that’s on my own opinion tho. Not everyone goes through what I’ve been through and even if I haven’t even finished my studies and I am still halfway there, I could say I am successful. Because through all the ups and downs that came, I am still here, fighting. I have learned a lot from what I experienced and that counts as much as learning in school.

I am in no hurry. I don’t know until when I will be this optimistic. I do not know anything but to go on and keep moving forward.

A diploma? A job? Salary? My dreams? The limit does not exist. The limit goes as far as your imagination goes. I will never be afraid. I will never give up on anything.


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