Last week, we were struck by a slightly moderate typhoon Labuyo. This ended our long weekend from Eid’l Fitr with a Monday class suspension. After that, we all thought again about humid days, fully loaded classes and another week with two non-working holidays.

Monday, Aug 19, was QC day. Hooray for us living in the city! Today was suspended due to another raging storm, Maring.

Last night I was hoping for suspension today. Why? Because I didn’t want to leave the house, knowing it will be raining hard as fuck and my son is at home alone with my grandmother. Not because I wanted more rain. Im sure a lot did too, because of the stress we go through in school and at work. And I was happy, I admit, because I didn’t have Thursday classes and now I will be going to school on Friday.

But I woke up this morning to very intense rainfall. Literally. Rain drops were mad and heavy. The skies were a mere combination of dark blue and gray. The wind blowing too hard, that my grandma’s chime collection hanging outside by the veranda was making all sorts of wild sounds. It was Dejavu. Like Ondoy, Sendong, Pablo all over again. I unlocked my phone to check Twitter updates, and then there it was, the top trending topic – #PrayForThePhilippines. 

With the hubby sleeping over, we had excuses to change channels for the TV. Usually, it’s set on either Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, sometimes Disney, all for Klaud. News about flooding and other disasters everywhere.

For most people, like us, this is the kind of weather where we’re all chilling, watching movies, staying online, and complain about nothing but erratic internet. But have we ever considered thinking about those who do not live like us? A lot have been posting on Facebook and Twitter about things like: “Pray for the Philippines…”. “Stay safe everyone!”, and I even saw one saying, “Sana hanggang next week ang suspension.” I’m not being a hypocrite here, a week-long suspension’s favorable to me as well, as I would have more time with Klaud and worry less about school work. But then again, what about those living in the slums? What about those who do not have steady roofs above their heads? Those whose areas have been declared states of calamities? Those who do not earn enough to stock food like we do? Is this favorable to them?

Have we thought of that? NO. Because we’re all selfish in some way. We only think of our comfort. I mean, nowadays, you can count people who care in your fingers. They’ve grown that small. I’m not washing my own image here, but sometimes, I get the urge to help, but I do not know how. I’m just some plain old citizen, hearing, seeing and reading about these disasters that happen to our countrymen and I still haven’t thought of any way to help.

Today’s happenings being disseminated by the media in all ways have made me come to realizations. I am lucky because I have a stable home. I am lucky because I do not suffer. I am lucky because I will not go hungry. Let’s make a move and help!

Now, after this storm clears out, I swear I will look for ways to help. I won’t be able to make it big, but I know somehow I can. I suggest everyone do the same. Small hands can make a difference too.



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