Follow Friday – An advanced post :)

Follow Friday - An advanced post :)

Today’s a Thursday, which, people usually post their “throwback” photos. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to blog tomorrow, so I’m posting this in advance 🙂

Since I see Follow Friday everywhere, and I want to join the bandwagon, here’s my very first and own FF post!

We have this pretty woman here for my Follow Friday! 🙂 Her name’s Fionna. I’m sure I’ve mentioned her in two or more posts before. She’s been my bestfriend for a few years now, and if you like my blog, I’m sure you’ll love hers as well.

We have too much in common, that’s why 🙂 Only thing is, she’s a bit more feminine than I am. She likes online games, dressing up, dolling up, and such.

For two years now, I have always been bugging her to make her own blog. Mainly because she’s just like me, she has a lot of thought in mind. I would bet a year’s tuition fee and allowance that if I gave her a notebook, she’d have it filled with her random thoughts in 2 weeks, three max. Hahaha! She never agreed tho. Not until the other night, when I told her again that she should start one. And then here she is, starting on Tumblr & WordPress! 🙂 (Hooray for my awesome convincing skills!!)

She will be posting about her random life as well, but I think she’ll post more about her makeup tutorials, nail documentaries, and her modelling life.

She’s really good! Check her out now! Click the photo, and you’ll be redirected to her blog. TIA!! xx

Oh, and for more of her… Check out these links as well 🙂


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