Obligatory Update!

Hi followers!! I’ve been out for too long. I guess I’ve been too caught up with schoolwork and such, I haven’t realized I skipped out on blogging already. Anyway, the semester’s just about to end, and I’m back!


A lot has been going on lately, like, literally. I do not know how to manage my time anymore. Before, I used to focus on school this much, but still manage to do extra curricular stuff. Now, I don’t even go out anymore. 

Oh! And I just checked my notifications and I see I gained followers! Thanks so much, guys! I appreciate it, I swear. 🙂

I’m also planning to change how my blog looks, and I’m planning to put my blogroll in. But it won’t be the usual blogroll, I’ll be putting those who I communicate with often, and those blogs I just can’t resist to read from.

Anyway, I gotta finish more schoolwork now. I’ll be back ASAP to tell about what’s been going on, I promise! Good night! xx


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