Some stereotype people have always lived through, is that girls are good at multi-tasking, guys aren’t so much. I haven’t proven it though. But I know I’m getting better at it.



Some few years ago (years before Klaud), multi-tasking for me was doing plates for school, texting, drinking and smoking all at the same time. It was materially defined. Growing up in a short span of time from wasted teen to teen mom to responsible adult, I have always wondered what multi-tasking really meant. It’s basically defined as doing many things at a particular time. 

2010 started my unending life in multi-tasking. When Klaud was born, I had to juggle between keeping a close eye on him, washing his clothes, his bottles, and playing with him, all the while keeping my social life alive. It was a disaster. His first year was one big blur. My first year with him, made no sense at all. 

But then came more days, months, and years wherein I had to go to school, and come home to take care of Klaud. Decision making was really tough, since I didn’t consider only myself into what I was gonna do, but Klaud was with me too. Every decision had questions, and one of them was always, “How will this take effect on Klaud?” (or something like it). Everything needed to be in accordance to what will bring Klaud good, only that, and that alone. 

It’s damn hard to have responsibilities like these at my age. Specially the age I started having them. It was the range of parties, YOLO-ing, and the like. I never went through that. I went straight from high school graduate to full time mommy. But there aren’t any regrets. Not a single one. I like how my life is going now, and I love what I have.

Redirecting us back to where I began, my life is now powered by multi-tasking and I can see that I’m actually getting better at it. 

I go to school in the morning, get back home at noon, play and take care of both Klaud & Mico, and still have time for myself. I am still thanking God everyday for the surprising turn of events, and how I wish things would continue to be better and easier. But I know things don’t get easier. As one famous line says, “Things don’t get easier, you just get better.”


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