Clingy is not my middle name

I’ve been in and out of all sorts of relationships even before I met him. I didn’t really care how the relationship was handled before. I didn’t care if we spent time together, if we texted at night, if we talk for hours on the phone… None of that. But I do remember hating clingy partners.

For some reason, I never liked the feeling of having someone always there. I never liked feeling or being single tho, I just cannot stand being near someone who couldn’t keep distance from me, like I was a diamond and they’d have to keep a close eye on me. That shit.

I ruined people’s lives because of that. I broke hearts. I left people… But now, I think karma’s finally getting back at me and now turning me into a very clingy person.

I think I am becoming what I’ve never wanted to be – the overly attached girlfriend.

In my case, I wasn’t always like this. I have reasons. And no matter how I disregard these reasons, the worry just won’t go away.

A few minutes apart, paranoia kicks in.

It’s threatening. I know people aren’t always tolerant of people who couldn’t stay away. And I know at some point, it could happen to us too. And that’s what scares me most.

I couldn’t picture myself without him anymore. I planned my entire life with him. It’s emotionally impossible to even spend holidays apart.

I never thought these things would come from me. I hated clingy people. Now I’m one of them too.


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